It isn’t always easy going into the family business.

The adventuring company, “The Wardens of Xendrik”, has been one of the most successful adventuring companies in Eberron for the last seventeen years. Since before the end of the Last War, the Wardens have been returning treasures from far off lands and foiling the plans of demons and aberrations across Khorvaire.

Members of the company have won awards from the rulers of both Breland and Cyre (before the Mourning) and earned fortunes through repeated trips to Xendrik for both the Morgrave University as well as wealthy patrons.

Over the years, many members of the Wardens have met, married and started families. The adventurers and their families originally lived together in the grand city of Sharn. Unfortunately, threats to the families soon loomed with the Wardens becoming embroiled in a vicious street war between the halfling-run Clan Boromar and the monstrous Daask. The children and their caretakers (the non-adventuring members of the families) left to live in safety in rural Breland while the Wardens themselves split time between their comfortable family lives in the country and the dangers of Sharn and the world at large.

The new arrangement actually worked quite well. The families lived in high style outside of the scrutiny of the elite and dangerous of Sharn society. The country manor also provided a needed retreat for the members of the Wardens where they could relax their guard in between adventures with their families.

The children of the Wardens grew into young men and women under the careful watch of their families and the Warden’s Man-at-Arms and MajorDomo, Drozc. A Goliath hailing from Xendrik, Drozc had met the Wardens in his homeland many years ago when they saved his village from slavery at the brutal hands of the savage Drow tribes.

The parents assumed the children would one day follow in their footsteps and join the Wardens so they were trained and taught by their parents, Drozc, and the best tutors money could provide to become startlingly talented young adventurers.

As the campaign begins, the Wardens have been gone on an adventure for over a year (not an uncommon occurrence) and their children are feeling the call to adventure and are ready to step out on their own.

In the Footsteps of Titans

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