In the Footsteps of Titans

26 May 2010
Beneath the Cogs, part 2 (Lord Panhorn's Keep)

As the adventurers approach the 3-D Goblin door, Von finds that the only way of communicating with it is through his mind link. After lying to the door about our intentions, it tells us that behind him lies Lord Panhorn’s keep.

Upon entering the keep, we find two pathways that both lead to the Lord’s forge. We take the first pathway towards the Gardens and find them a little over-grown and partially flooded. Vicious vines and other plant-like creatures (enter specific monster names here) attack the party and wound us badly. We drag Urlak’s unconscious body back to the foyer to recover.

After a long rest, we return to the Gardens and find a cache of rough diamonds, but would have to actively mine them in order to take them with us. We decide to wait on that until we exit the Keep.

The second path of the Keep leads to the R&D area. The Lord was an artificer of sorts and this area housed floating shields and floating armor. When we enter the room, the armor attacked us along with a burning demon. We prevailed.

19 May 2010
Beneath the Cogs, part 1

Raquelle escorts Davandra to school. The rest of the young adventurers travel to Sharn in search of the Warden’s business manager, Elworth.

Upon reaching the business office, we notice it has been searched and Elworth’s office has been ransacked. The missing information appears to be from a period of 1 – 1 1/2 years ago; coinciding with the most recent Warden expedition. Receipts suggest the Wardens purchased: teleportation material, water-proofing equipment, and light-weight clothing. The obvious conclusion is that they were headed towards a warm, wet part of the country. We also notice someone watching the office from across the street.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Thoros Hawklight (city watch; House Deneith?) rings the door bell of the Warden’s office. Thoros spoke to Elworth 3 days prior and suggests he might be in danger based on the shifty company he was keeping.

In the mean time, Thoros hires us to explore an area under his property in the Cogs where he believes possible treasure could be located. We are introduced briefly to Mok, Thoros’ Ogre servant.

Upon crawling into the cavern beneath Thoros’ property, the ceiling begins to collapse at about the same time 3 cenetpede swarms attack. After surviving that ordeal, we arrive into a actual room (as opposed to a natural cave) and see 5 clockwork statues. At the far end of the room is a large door in the shape of a 3-D goblin face. The statues (goblins and hobgoblins) come to life and give us a good fight.

Urlak ends the evening by going to the goblin door…to be continued.

12 May 2010
They're coming for our families

Upon returning home from the Tower of Illdad, the young adventurers face the wrath of their parents. Davandra explained her disturbing vision of her father’s enslavement which turns the mood dark, but serious. Meanwhile Din arrives back from his time on the road with the Nimblers and gets caught up on the past few weeks.

Mysteriously, Drozc’s tatoos change from their standard black, so a slithery silver and it gives him a strange, but unidentifiable feeling of unease. Neither adventurers, nor parents are able to determine the cause or purpose of the change. Nevertheless, the purpose makes itself evident only moments later.

Among others, Valenar warriors attack Din’s home in NottingShire at a time when most of the extended Xendrik Warrior family is there for the homecoming. The leader is a person of unknown origin, speaking elven, with a staff of vortex. Several family servants are killed. Children are almost kidnapped and in some cases scatter into the wilderness. Both the young adventurers and the assembled mothers batter for their safety, barely defeating the assembled host.

Drozc’s sword is shattered, but its flaming properties appear to have transferred to his body. The captured Valenar reveals that his party was hired in Sharn by the elf with the strange staff to capture as many family members as possible; which causes the mothers to take the children and go into hiding, presumably up north. Our band travels to Sharn to track down Elworth the business manager for the Warden’s in an attempt to find out where their other parents might be held prisoner. Devandra is forced to go back to school at Arcanix with the hope she can find more information about the amulet that provided her vision.

Third Night
A Brewing Storm

Upon their return to Nottingshire, Urlak begins his examination of the books they brought back from the ruins. Mostly destroyed, he is able to put together part of the text of one of them.

The passage is about a tower that was long ago made into a prison for a necromancer. Following his imprisonment, the tower was somehow banished from Eberron and only appears during a conjunction of Kythri (the plane of chaos) and Mabar (the plane of darkness). Fortunately, there happens to be just such a conjunction about to happen. The group secretly prepares and heads out immediately in the direction that the tower should appear.

Sure enough, as the conjunction completes and they approach the location described in the text, they find the tower as a terrible storm begins to break overhead. They head inside, not only to explore but to take shelter from the growing storm’s wrath.

Inside the tower appears untouched by the time that has passed on Eberron since its banishment. On the first floor, the group finds a storage area. The ringing of a gong near the door summons several undead Shadows that attack the party. They are quickly dispatched by the heroes who head up the now-visible spiral staircase in the center of the tower.

The second floor is a more comfortable living area. One end is a statuary, the other a warm study area. As soon as the group tries to open a door to the only room on this floor , the statuary begin to move as if alive. They rush the party, but the party is able to use the narrow area between the staircase and the room to split the statues into two groups. They are defeated, but the group is growing tired and do not know high this tower goes.

The storm is a symptom of the conjunction and can only last so long. When it stops the tower will again disappear. The heroes have to finish their exploration of the tower before that happens.

Second Night
Under the Ruins

After a brief rest, the group followed the fleeing kobold miner deeper into the cave where it eventually breaks through into a room with a finished floor. As they enter, the group is ambushed by another group of kobolds, this time led by a dragonborn warrior.

Dispatching them, the group follows one kobold through a teleportation circle to an oval room with a raised central platform where some more kobolds are waiting. Standing with them is another dragonborn and some kind of automated ballista. Sebastian and the monk VonHarrath charge the stairs while Davandra and Urlak stay back for a bit. It was a tough fight, but the group eventually won out.

They discover a magical floating lantern that opens the portal back out. But before they leave, Urlak figures out how to activate a much larger portal atop the platform itself. It takes them to an abandoned magical laboratory. While interesting, there is nothing there of value though it might come in handy at some point in the future.

On their way home, they hear a woman’s scream from off the road. Racing to see what’s going on, they find a family being harassed by a tax collector, the local sheriff and some deputies. The family doesn’t have the required taxes, which are being collected early. Urlak offers to pay the tax debt, asking the farmer to bring his goods north to NottingShire when ready to sell. The tax collector (Erik), seems annoyed by this but the scene is resolved without incident.

First Night
Market Festival Time!

So, it’s Market Festival time in NottingShire again, and the kids are anxious to see something, anything, interesting.

They run into Aggar, a windering tinker and long time friend to the group. He brings news that a bad storm has recently revealed some kind of structure about half a day’s journey from town. He agrees to give the group a map to the area with the understanding that he gets 10% of whatever they find.

Once they get there, they find a cave. They move inside and surprise a group of kobolds. Some are miners, but others are armed and and attack. Partway through the battle, a sand dragonling burrows into the cave from below and attacks the party as well.

Eventually, the party prevails and kills or runs off the attackers. The group moves further into the cave…

Character brainstorming
Character creation

3/30/2010: p. Dylan’s time travel campaign has come to an end. Lance is interested in starting a new campaign within Ebarron. Given that Gertjan is taking a leave of absense for Jonathan’s birth, Dylan will be exiting in the next 4-6 week for “Fatherhood, take 2” and Scott will be returning after two years in baby poop land, some discussion was required for who will play what.

After tossing around two different campaign ideas, the consensus was to play the “children of adverturing party” campaign, starting at level 1. The other option was to play work-for-hire adventurers starting at level 7.

While in no way binding, I believe our rough outline of character assignments is as follows:

  • Troy – Kalishtar Monk
  • Trav – Dwarvan Wizard
  • Dylan – Human Sorceror
  • Gertjan – leader (upon his return)
  • John – to be determined, possible Defender
  • Scott – Bard (or other leader)

The entire group agreed (whether or not they remember) to be kind and gentle with Scott as he learns the 4.0 rule set.

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