In the Footsteps of Titans

12 May 2010

They're coming for our families

Upon returning home from the Tower of Illdad, the young adventurers face the wrath of their parents. Davandra explained her disturbing vision of her father’s enslavement which turns the mood dark, but serious. Meanwhile Din arrives back from his time on the road with the Nimblers and gets caught up on the past few weeks.

Mysteriously, Drozc’s tatoos change from their standard black, so a slithery silver and it gives him a strange, but unidentifiable feeling of unease. Neither adventurers, nor parents are able to determine the cause or purpose of the change. Nevertheless, the purpose makes itself evident only moments later.

Among others, Valenar warriors attack Din’s home in NottingShire at a time when most of the extended Xendrik Warrior family is there for the homecoming. The leader is a person of unknown origin, speaking elven, with a staff of vortex. Several family servants are killed. Children are almost kidnapped and in some cases scatter into the wilderness. Both the young adventurers and the assembled mothers batter for their safety, barely defeating the assembled host.

Drozc’s sword is shattered, but its flaming properties appear to have transferred to his body. The captured Valenar reveals that his party was hired in Sharn by the elf with the strange staff to capture as many family members as possible; which causes the mothers to take the children and go into hiding, presumably up north. Our band travels to Sharn to track down Elworth the business manager for the Warden’s in an attempt to find out where their other parents might be held prisoner. Devandra is forced to go back to school at Arcanix with the hope she can find more information about the amulet that provided her vision.


Thanks, Lance for filling in my memory gaps.

12 May 2010

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