In the Footsteps of Titans

19 May 2010

Beneath the Cogs, part 1

Raquelle escorts Davandra to school. The rest of the young adventurers travel to Sharn in search of the Warden’s business manager, Elworth.

Upon reaching the business office, we notice it has been searched and Elworth’s office has been ransacked. The missing information appears to be from a period of 1 – 1 1/2 years ago; coinciding with the most recent Warden expedition. Receipts suggest the Wardens purchased: teleportation material, water-proofing equipment, and light-weight clothing. The obvious conclusion is that they were headed towards a warm, wet part of the country. We also notice someone watching the office from across the street.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Thoros Hawklight (city watch; House Deneith?) rings the door bell of the Warden’s office. Thoros spoke to Elworth 3 days prior and suggests he might be in danger based on the shifty company he was keeping.

In the mean time, Thoros hires us to explore an area under his property in the Cogs where he believes possible treasure could be located. We are introduced briefly to Mok, Thoros’ Ogre servant.

Upon crawling into the cavern beneath Thoros’ property, the ceiling begins to collapse at about the same time 3 cenetpede swarms attack. After surviving that ordeal, we arrive into a actual room (as opposed to a natural cave) and see 5 clockwork statues. At the far end of the room is a large door in the shape of a 3-D goblin face. The statues (goblins and hobgoblins) come to life and give us a good fight.

Urlak ends the evening by going to the goblin door…to be continued.



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