In the Footsteps of Titans

26 May 2010

Beneath the Cogs, part 2 (Lord Panhorn's Keep)

As the adventurers approach the 3-D Goblin door, Von finds that the only way of communicating with it is through his mind link. After lying to the door about our intentions, it tells us that behind him lies Lord Panhorn’s keep.

Upon entering the keep, we find two pathways that both lead to the Lord’s forge. We take the first pathway towards the Gardens and find them a little over-grown and partially flooded. Vicious vines and other plant-like creatures (enter specific monster names here) attack the party and wound us badly. We drag Urlak’s unconscious body back to the foyer to recover.

After a long rest, we return to the Gardens and find a cache of rough diamonds, but would have to actively mine them in order to take them with us. We decide to wait on that until we exit the Keep.

The second path of the Keep leads to the R&D area. The Lord was an artificer of sorts and this area housed floating shields and floating armor. When we enter the room, the armor attacked us along with a burning demon. We prevailed.



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