In the Footsteps of Titans

Character brainstorming

Character creation

3/30/2010: p. Dylan’s time travel campaign has come to an end. Lance is interested in starting a new campaign within Ebarron. Given that Gertjan is taking a leave of absense for Jonathan’s birth, Dylan will be exiting in the next 4-6 week for “Fatherhood, take 2” and Scott will be returning after two years in baby poop land, some discussion was required for who will play what.

After tossing around two different campaign ideas, the consensus was to play the “children of adverturing party” campaign, starting at level 1. The other option was to play work-for-hire adventurers starting at level 7.

While in no way binding, I believe our rough outline of character assignments is as follows:

  • Troy – Kalishtar Monk
  • Trav – Dwarvan Wizard
  • Dylan – Human Sorceror
  • Gertjan – leader (upon his return)
  • John – to be determined, possible Defender
  • Scott – Bard (or other leader)

The entire group agreed (whether or not they remember) to be kind and gentle with Scott as he learns the 4.0 rule set.


I’m playing a Human Sorcerer. Her name is Davandra and is already out on the mesh. The plan is that she will be the sister of Troy’s character.

Character brainstorming

Dwarf Wizard named Urlak Ogradast. Haven’t done the parents yet…

Character brainstorming

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