In the Footsteps of Titans

First Night

Market Festival Time!

So, it’s Market Festival time in NottingShire again, and the kids are anxious to see something, anything, interesting.

They run into Aggar, a windering tinker and long time friend to the group. He brings news that a bad storm has recently revealed some kind of structure about half a day’s journey from town. He agrees to give the group a map to the area with the understanding that he gets 10% of whatever they find.

Once they get there, they find a cave. They move inside and surprise a group of kobolds. Some are miners, but others are armed and and attack. Partway through the battle, a sand dragonling burrows into the cave from below and attacks the party as well.

Eventually, the party prevails and kills or runs off the attackers. The group moves further into the cave…



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