In the Footsteps of Titans

Second Night

Under the Ruins

After a brief rest, the group followed the fleeing kobold miner deeper into the cave where it eventually breaks through into a room with a finished floor. As they enter, the group is ambushed by another group of kobolds, this time led by a dragonborn warrior.

Dispatching them, the group follows one kobold through a teleportation circle to an oval room with a raised central platform where some more kobolds are waiting. Standing with them is another dragonborn and some kind of automated ballista. Sebastian and the monk VonHarrath charge the stairs while Davandra and Urlak stay back for a bit. It was a tough fight, but the group eventually won out.

They discover a magical floating lantern that opens the portal back out. But before they leave, Urlak figures out how to activate a much larger portal atop the platform itself. It takes them to an abandoned magical laboratory. While interesting, there is nothing there of value though it might come in handy at some point in the future.

On their way home, they hear a woman’s scream from off the road. Racing to see what’s going on, they find a family being harassed by a tax collector, the local sheriff and some deputies. The family doesn’t have the required taxes, which are being collected early. Urlak offers to pay the tax debt, asking the farmer to bring his goods north to NottingShire when ready to sell. The tax collector (Erik), seems annoyed by this but the scene is resolved without incident.


I’m trying to keep up to that I’m not clueless when I return. Who is Sebastian? Who is the monk? If we get time, we should create Erik as an NPC, in case he comes back. Also, I’ve forgotten, which players are Czark (character name: VonHarrath) and Valorum (character name: Lumina Hemelvuur).

Second Night

Valorum = Gertjan

And thanks for doing these posts guys :)

Second Night

Who are Troy and John playing? Thanks for putting up with all my questions.

Second Night

Troy (user = Czark) is playing a monk with some dumb German name. John is playing Sebastian, a half-elf sword mage.

Second Night

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