In the Footsteps of Titans

Third Night

A Brewing Storm

Upon their return to Nottingshire, Urlak begins his examination of the books they brought back from the ruins. Mostly destroyed, he is able to put together part of the text of one of them.

The passage is about a tower that was long ago made into a prison for a necromancer. Following his imprisonment, the tower was somehow banished from Eberron and only appears during a conjunction of Kythri (the plane of chaos) and Mabar (the plane of darkness). Fortunately, there happens to be just such a conjunction about to happen. The group secretly prepares and heads out immediately in the direction that the tower should appear.

Sure enough, as the conjunction completes and they approach the location described in the text, they find the tower as a terrible storm begins to break overhead. They head inside, not only to explore but to take shelter from the growing storm’s wrath.

Inside the tower appears untouched by the time that has passed on Eberron since its banishment. On the first floor, the group finds a storage area. The ringing of a gong near the door summons several undead Shadows that attack the party. They are quickly dispatched by the heroes who head up the now-visible spiral staircase in the center of the tower.

The second floor is a more comfortable living area. One end is a statuary, the other a warm study area. As soon as the group tries to open a door to the only room on this floor , the statuary begin to move as if alive. They rush the party, but the party is able to use the narrow area between the staircase and the room to split the statues into two groups. They are defeated, but the group is growing tired and do not know high this tower goes.

The storm is a symptom of the conjunction and can only last so long. When it stops the tower will again disappear. The heroes have to finish their exploration of the tower before that happens.


Don’t get lost with the tower, or Scott and i will be playing the party that has to come find you guys :p

Third Night

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