A wandering tinker from the area around Nottingshire


Aggar is a jolly tinker who travels through southern Breland on a route amoung many of the smaller towns and villages. He is friendly with his cutomers but shrewd enough to make a little coin without having to rip anyone off. Many of the villages look forward to his arrival as he is seen as one of the more honest tinkers.uth

Aggar is a middle aged human who is round across the middle (some might say fat). He is clean shaven and very pleaseant in his mannerisms. He has an accent no one has heard before but when asked about his origins he always plays off the subject or makes a joke.

His wagon has a ramshackle little house built up on the back and his two horses always look tired after pulling the wagon any distance. The little house seems to be packed to the rafters with nick nacks and junk.

Aggar comes across allot of random information in his travels and has been known to make deals with adventurous youths in some of the villages trading his information on ruins and caves for a small cut of anything found.


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