Drozc is a powerfully built Goliath who stands around eight feet tall with arms like stout tree trunks. His arms are covered in primitive tattoos and, when necessary, he wears hide armor. Drozc carries a large great sword that he claims to anyone who would listen is actually a small dagger taken from one of his even larger distant kin.


Twelve years ago, the Wardens were on an expedition to Xendrik for Morgrave University. The Wardens found a group of nomadic goliaths who had been enslaved by a group of Drow cultist of Khyber.

The cultists were using the Goliaths as slave warriors and between the might of the goliaths and the magic of the drow the Wardens were captured.

While imprisoned by the drow, the Wardens made friends with another prisoner: Drozc, a young goliath who had refused to fight for the drow and was being punished. Drozc’s family was scheduled for execution because of his resistance on the next morning. The Wardens promised to find a way to escape and free Drozc’s people.

Through a combination of the Bard’s glib tongue, some ritual material the wizard had secreted away on his body and the strength of the fighter, the Wardens were able to escape their cage and regain their equipment. The Wardens surprised the guards of the prisoners and released them. With the village freed, the Goliath slave warriors quickly turned on the drow. A bloody battle ensued, but the drow were driven off by the Goliath tribesmen with the help of the Wardens.

Drozc swore a life debt to the Warden’s and swore to follow and serve them however he can. The Warden’s tried to convince him to stay with his family but he would not.

Drozc has been with the warden’s ever since. He has grown into a powerful barbarian warrior and with the growth of the Warden’s family Drozc has sworn to protect the Warden’s family. He has lived at the manor for the last 8 years and has server as a Major Domo for the manor and a trainer for the children in the art of battle.


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