Gloridin "Din" Sumnerin

Valorous Bard


Male, Half-elf, Valorous Bard

STR: 11 CON: 16 DEX: 10 INT: 14 WIS: 10 CHA: 18

At Will Powers War Song Strike Jinx Shot

Encounter Powers Majestic Word Words of Friendship Shout of Triumph Energy Strobe

Daily Power Slayer’s Song

Feats Ritual Caster Strength of Valor


It’s tough being the weak child of a famous adventurer. Galafin and Elia Sumnerin’s first born son was always pretty, but never “strapping” as Galafin secretly hoped. During an awkward adolescence the parent started to lose hope that thier son would continue the family business of adventuring. Nevertheless, Gloridin was a healthy child and a consummate charmer. He made friends quickly and did well in his studies, but lacked a certain focus.

Naturally, being a child of the Wardens of Xendrik, Gloridin participated in the daily sparring sessions. Unfortunately, his small stature and relative lack of coordination led to mediocre results. Regardless, the training sessions continued in hopes of a “late bloom.” Eventually Galafin and Elia gave up on the hopes of turning Gloridin into the warrior of their dreams and focused solely on the combat training of his younger twin siblings Cala and Gret.

Adolescence continued on for Gloridin in much the same manner until a school outing brought his to see Nottingshire Nimbles. A part time dancing troupe based out of Gloridin’s home town, the Nimbles consisted of six dancers and three musicians. It was love at first sight for both the person and the instrument of Anika Perth, the Nimbles drumming vocalist.

With as much of his considerable charm as he could muster, Gloridin convinced Anika to take him on as a student of the percussive arts. Finally, “Din” found the focus and drive that he had heretofore lacked in both his studies and his combat training. Anika provided the musical instruction in the ethnic drum called a Bodhran and introduced him to the world of combatively inspirational music making. Unbeknownst to his parents, Din also received some free time training in the internation language of love.

As unofficial guardian of all the Warden’s children, Drozc made it a point to meet with Anika. Together they would create a training regimen for Gloridin that combined both music making and combat training in a way that could make the Wardens proud. Din started performing part time with the Nottingshire Nimblers and made unprecedented progress in his sparring sessions. Having found his purpose Gloridin flourished as he never had before.

Gloridin "Din" Sumnerin

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