Raquelle Amaro

Lhazaarite Prince(ss) Turned Hero


Raquelle Amaro was the oldest child of Culman Amaro, a legendary Prince of Lhazaar. His principality, the Red Skies was one of the largest at one time, even rivaling the Seadragon. He raised Raquelle to be a skilled pirate and planned to leave the Red Skies in her capable hands.

Unfortunately, Raquelle met and fell in love with a Kalashtar, ??, escaping Riedra for the freedom of Khorvaire. Culman’s fleet was set upon by Riedran ships seeking ?? and he and many of the Red Skies’ ships were lost in battle.

Raquelle’s claim to the principality was blocked by her brother Abrahim, who argued that allowing the kalashtar to remain with the fleet would be disaster for the already weakened Red Skies. Forced to choose, Raquell left with ??.

The two adventured for several years until meeting ?? and joining the Wardens of Xen’drik.

Raquelle Amaro

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